Christmas Day Traditions

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It's perhaps just as well that Christmas dinner is only served once a year, as everyone looks forward to eating it, but not as much to the preparation, cooking and washing up. 

Eating Christmas Dinner Out

If you love a traditional Christmas meal, but don't want all the work that goes along with it, you may want to look into going out for Christmas dinner instead of eating at home. If you are looking for venues for christmas day lunch staffordshire and other places throughout the UK have many hotels, restaurants and pubs from which to choose. Prices can vary widely if you are going out for dinner on Christmas day, but you can generally expect turkey, or perhaps a goose or ham, along with all the traditional trimmings. Not only is it nice to not have to do all that cooking and washing up, but there is just something enjoyable about going out to eat on Christmas Day. For many restaurants, it's their single busiest day of the year and they go out of their way to make the occasion special and create a festive atmosphere. And if you are responsible for feeding lots of family and friends, going out to eat is even more appealing. 

Extra information about christmas day lunch staffordshire

Traditional Christmas Day Activities

Different families have different traditions, many of which have been in the family for as long as anyone can remember. If you have young children, you are probably used to them getting up early, eagerly opening their stockings and demanding to open presents. Watching the Queen's speech is a tradition for most of us, even if we are spending Christmas overseas, and either dozing after Christmas dinner or walking off all that turkey and stuffing. Christmas cake, nuts, chocolates and mince pies are all considered an indispensable part of the holiday. Other traditions on Christmas day include wearing Christmas hats, pulling crackers, perhaps getting everyone together to play a board game or take part in a quiz; in fact, most of us say that the best thing about Christmas is the chance to spend it with family and friends. Many families attend a church service, even if they don't usually go to church regularly, and although most of the UK shuts down for Christmas, there are always some special events to attend.

Avoiding the Traditions

Going out for Christmas dinner may not avoid all the traditional trappings of a Christmas meal at home, but it can be a blessing for those who like Christmas without much of these trimmings. Although some restaurants strive to create a festive atmosphere, others simply focus on serving good food, meaning the hats, crackers and board games can be avoided. Cooking a big meal for the family on Christmas day can be stressful and time consuming, with some preparations beginning a day or two before then, and going out for dinner can mean some more quality time spent with family, and less stress in the kitchen. And if you miss the Queen's speech, you can always watch it later that evening.